Ten Things of Thankful – A Flood

When you can find gratitude in difficult situations, you are more open to the positive things in life.



I have a flood of thankfuls to share.  On Monday it rained here, about 8″ in a few hours.  The pool overflowed, but when I checked the sump pit it was dry.  No need to set up the pump and turn it on.  Or so I thought, until the very next day when we found three to four inches of standing water in the basement.   I knew I would join in the reunion/thankful party to which Kristi, host of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, invited everyone, to find the sunshine in this situation.

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Six Sentence Story – Sign

Are you up (or down) for a Six Sentence Story?

Image result for images of empty ice cream containers

Hi.  Remember me?  This week’s Six Sentence Story is a combination of the last two cues.  I began writing it last week when the cue was transform.  When I saw this week’s cue, I knew it was a sign that I could continue, and as the quote says, I could write until the end.  Linking with GirlieOnTheEdge and the other Sixers who gather each week (or every other) to share stories.

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Ten Things of Thankful-Midsummer

Taking time out to be thankful.

Hi friends.  I’m checking in during the whirlwind of my summer and taking the time to share a few thankfuls with you.  The great thing about this wonderful blog hop of  new friends and long time friends, is that it is a comfortable place to jump in and participate.  And to tell the truth, I need some grounding and gratitude always grounds me to what is real and important in life.

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Six Sentence Story – Manner

Play Misty for Me.


If you are a regular visitor, you might remember that Clark wrote a six several weeks ago and I ghosted him and wrote his story from a different perspective.   This week we are switching perspectives again, he’s going to ghost my story.  Have some fun and check it out.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Summertime

June 21st in the past week marked the summer solstice.  The first day of the summer season.  There is so much to be thankful for and I’m sharing a few of my most joyful items of gratitude.  Before I get on with it (better late than never), I want to welcome Kristi of Thankful Me as the new host of this uplifting and life-changing blog hop.  First begun by Lizzie, and continued by Josie, we are all thankful for it’s inception and its continuance.

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Happy National Martini Day

A trio of delicious libations – aka – three martini recipes.

PicMonkey Collage

As a treat, or when we want to pretend we are Old Hollywood icons or starring in Sex and the City, we practice mixology with our favorite ingredients.   We use a bartender’s shaker and glass, a shot glass to measure, and the ice strainer.  And always crushed ice.  It was a requisite when we bought our refrigerator.

Martinis 003


Martini # 1 – The Classic

There are many variations in recipes for a classic martini.  Here’s ours:

Martinis 010



dry vermouth

olives (3)

Add 1/2 shot of vermouth to the big glass and two shots of gin per drink.  Shake and pour, using  the ice strainer to hold back the pieces of ice.  The drink is cold and frosty, and is guaranteed to melt the stress away from a hard day on the set, dahling.

Variations:  Use vodka instead of gin.  Use olive juice instead of vermouth (a dirty martini) or just swish the inside of the glass with vermouth, toss it and add the gin.  Use olives, cocktail onion, a twist of lemon or lime for garnishee.

Martini #2 – The Cosmo


This martini was made famous by Carrie and the girls in Sex and the City, but actually it is a version of a drink we enjoyed in our 20’s – the Kamikaze – with cranberry juice to tone it down.  We use a recipe that our friend Jack gave us.

Martinis 013



Orange vodka

Orange liqueur

Lime juice, fresh or bottled

Cranberry juice cocktail

3-2-1-2 is the way I remember the proportions.  3 shots of orange vodka, 2 shots of orange liqueur, 1 shot lime juice, 2 shots cranberry juice into the big glass.  Shake with crushed ice and pour into glasses.  It makes a shakerful, enough for two large or three small cocktails.  With martinis, as with wine and food, always use the best ingredients your taste and pocketbook allows.

This is my personal favorite and yes, I do fancy myself as Carrie Bradshaw of the older set.  Well, after one or two of these, I certainly do.

Martini #3 – Key Lime

Here’s a recipe my sister’s boss gave her, “You need this for your vacation.”

Martinis 023



coconut rum

vanilla vodka

pineapple juice

lime juice, fresh or bottled or a combination

vanilla liqueur (called 43)

2-2-2-2-1 into the glass, shake with crushed ice.  Rim the glass with a bit of lime juice and dip in graham cracker crumbs.  This really makes it taste like you are drinking a piece of key lime pie.  Who needs dessert when you can sip one of these instead?

Try them and let me know.  What is your favorite martini recipe?