Happy National Martini Day

A trio of delicious libations – aka – three martini recipes.

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As a treat, or when we want to pretend we are Old Hollywood icons or starring in Sex and the City, we practice mixology with our favorite ingredients.   We use a bartender’s shaker and glass, a shot glass to measure, and the ice strainer.  And always crushed ice.  It was a requisite when we bought our refrigerator.

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Martini # 1 – The Classic

There are many variations in recipes for a classic martini.  Here’s ours:

Martinis 010



dry vermouth

olives (3)

Add 1/2 shot of vermouth to the big glass and two shots of gin per drink.  Shake and pour, using  the ice strainer to hold back the pieces of ice.  The drink is cold and frosty, and is guaranteed to melt the stress away from a hard day on the set, dahling.

Variations:  Use vodka instead of gin.  Use olive juice instead of vermouth (a dirty martini) or just swish the inside of the glass with vermouth, toss it and add the gin.  Use olives, cocktail onion, a twist of lemon or lime for garnishee.

Martini #2 – The Cosmo


This martini was made famous by Carrie and the girls in Sex and the City, but actually it is a version of a drink we enjoyed in our 20’s – the Kamikaze – with cranberry juice to tone it down.  We use a recipe that our friend Jack gave us.

Martinis 013



Orange vodka

Orange liqueur

Lime juice, fresh or bottled

Cranberry juice cocktail

3-2-1-2 is the way I remember the proportions.  3 shots of orange vodka, 2 shots of orange liqueur, 1 shot lime juice, 2 shots cranberry juice into the big glass.  Shake with crushed ice and pour into glasses.  It makes a shakerful, enough for two large or three small cocktails.  With martinis, as with wine and food, always use the best ingredients your taste and pocketbook allows.

This is my personal favorite and yes, I do fancy myself as Carrie Bradshaw of the older set.  Well, after one or two of these, I certainly do.

Martini #3 – Key Lime

Here’s a recipe my sister’s boss gave her, “You need this for your vacation.”

Martinis 023



coconut rum

vanilla vodka

pineapple juice

lime juice, fresh or bottled or a combination

vanilla liqueur (called 43)

2-2-2-2-1 into the glass, shake with crushed ice.  Rim the glass with a bit of lime juice and dip in graham cracker crumbs.  This really makes it taste like you are drinking a piece of key lime pie.  Who needs dessert when you can sip one of these instead?

Try them and let me know.  What is your favorite martini recipe?










Six Sentence Story – Investigate

A ghastly, ghostly tale in six sentences.

Joining in with a Six Sentence story at Girlie On The Edge’s weekly blog party.


It was 3 AM and Jill sat straight up in bed, sure she had heard an eerie noise, the hairs on her arms tingling and her senses hyper-focused on the sound that had just roused her from a deep sleep.

Apparently, her husband, snoring away beside her, was unaware or unconcerned.

Inhaling deeply, but quietly, she felt around the floor for the moccasins she’d kicked off before getting in bed last night.

Slipping them on, she grabbed the baseball bat they had laughingly placed under the bed for such a situation, as if it would ever really happen, and went downstairs to investigate.

Jill tiptoed from room to room, barely breathing and hearing nothing but the hum of the refrigerator  thinking, “it was probably nothing, maybe just the sound of my own breath.”

She went back up the stairs, feeling quite ridiculous, but when she opened the door to the bedroom, she saw a white filmy cloud, a miasma of energy swirling above her husband’s sleeping form; that’s when she screamed.

Inspired by and dedicated to all those times we are awaken from a deep sleep by something.  I’m reminded of that children’s book by Mercer Mayer – Things That Go Bump in the Night.

Click on the photo and link up or just read more Six Sentence Stories.


Ten Things of Thankful – Gratitude Abounds

I am thankful for texting.


Each week we gather to share gratitude at the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop, currently hosted by Josie.  I’m thankful every minute for the technology I hold in my hand – my iPhone.  Whether I’m snapping photos, talking to friends or family, or texting here and there (but not while driving), I am thankful.  Gratitude can be found everywhere, and I decided to share some text messages with you – ones that give and accept gratitude.

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Six Sentence Story – Shed

Did you say Six Sentence Story?

Each week Denise invites us to share a story in six sentences.  Sounds simple, but like all good challenges, not always easy.   I’m sharing her quote from Dorothy Parker, “I hate writing.  I love having written”.

Every day, an hour and a half each way, I ride a commuter bus to work.

When I’m not catching up on the sleep that eludes me at night or reading the latest download to my Kindle, I play a people watching game, without making any eye contact, of course.

Do you suppose the two ladies, similarly dressed in black trousers and colorful blouses, work at the same office, or perhaps they are taking the bus into the city to see a show today?

How about that guy with the mustache who certainly looks like he has a bit of a creeper aspect;  can’t you  tell by the cast of eyes when he turns his neck to watch the riders boarding?

I inadvertently meet the penetrating eyes of the grungy man as he makes his way down the center aisle,  wondering how he would look if he shed the plaid shirt and baggy jeans,  yet helplessly lost in the depth of intensity of his eyes.

Do you think he’ll take the empty seat beside me?



Six Sentence Story bloghop.  Join the fun by reading or writing or both.



Ten Things of Thankful -Jersey Shore Edition







Today, not the summer solstice,  marks the official beginning of summer at the Jersey Shore.  As a long time resident of the area I can tell you things will not be the same around here until after Labor Day.  The traffic is horrific and the prices soar sky high.  Lots of people with little care for the ocean environment and a large sense of entitlement descend upon our lovely shore towns – we call them Bennies.  Here for the benefits, without respect for the area.  In spite, or because of, summer is still my favorite season and my ten things of thankful this week are dedicated this time of the year.

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Six Sentence Story – Flexible

Life imitates art, or is it the other way around?

I’m a sporadic contributor to this blog-hop.  It’s not that I don’t want to join in each and every week.  It’s not at all that I don’t have stories to tell.  It’s not that I don’t want to share some of my stories (well, maybe just a little), but I discovered, through a conversation with Clark, that maybe there was another perspective on the process that might help.  You see, I contemplate the cue as the inspiration for the story each week and sometimes the story eludes me.   In his process the story is first, and he fits the cue into it.  Simple, maybe not easy,  but duh, slap myself in the head.


Clare entered through the garage that was always left open and rapped lightly on the door that led into the spacious home in the senior complex, opening it and shouting, “Hello, dad, I’m here”.

Her stepfather never answered;he didn’t hear well, even with devices to help, so she always wondered if this was the time she was going to find his ancient body at eternal rest.

She dreaded that time, and yet the thought of his peaceful passing offered some comfort and release from the reluctant care-giving role she had assumed because supposedly, her schedule was the most flexible, and she was closer in proximity than the other children.

They never expected him, after his triple bypass surgery and the passing of their mother, whose strength and practicality had kept the family together, to last this long, but he had surprised them all.

She walked through the hallway into the kitchen, listening for the tap of his cane as he made his way from the recliner, asking, “how are you doing, today?”

“I’m doing just fine.”


Denise offers a cue each week to a group of writers who share stories and writing styles.  No matter what the process or the cue, the rules are the same.  A story (poem, memoir, fiction or my favorite – fictionalized reality) in six sentences.


Ten Things of Thankful – Late Again

What Time is It?


Is Monday the new normal for Saturday?  Thankfully there is always plenty of time to link up with the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop and share gratitude with friends from all over the Blogosphere.   And we can thank (there’s number one) Josie for hosting and for leaving us plenty of time to share, late, early or right on time.

For your listening pleasure:


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