Six Sentence Story Smoke

A Man and His Meat


Jim carefully placed the briquettes inside the bowl shaped barbecue grill along with a metal container of hickory chips for just the right infusion of flavor.

The tomahawk steak had been aging with pepper in the fridge overnight and he was just getting ready to take in out and dust it with kosher salt let it get to room temperature.

These two steps were essential for insuring that the giant hunk of beef rib would be tender and seasoned perfectly.

Jim’s mouth was watering as he dropped the steak on the grill, searing each side at a very high temperature, until the outside was crusty and caramelized and the grill marks were burned into the flesh.

He transferred the steak to the opposite side of the grill, where it would cook indirectly for about forty minutes, the juices properly sealed, ready to absorb the flavor from the wood chips.

All that was left was to adjust the vent at the top of the grill, letting just enough air in and smoke out to keep the fire smoldering.


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Six Sentence Story – Pitch

Rooftop musings.



Jim had found himself in difficult circumstances before, but tonight’s situation was both physically and emotionally challenging.

Here he was, dangling from the roof of one of the rehabbed Victorians in the rich part of town; his palms digging into the top line,  his feet dangling almost straight down with barely a foothold of support.

His work as, let’s call it, a Procurer or maybe Pilferer of Objects, a modern day Robin Hood, perhaps, had him in and out of the finest homes in the city,  each night.

His stomach was still churning from what he had seen in the attic of this one hundred year old beauty, which, in turn, had made him inattentive to the sounds around him, and forced him out the window and onto this roof, to make an expedient escape.

He had but minutes until dawn revealed his presence.

Jim waited until his rapidly pounding heart calmed,  let his hands open from their tight grip, crouched and slid unto the opposing gable,  and shimmied down the drainpipe and made his getaway across the back fence.


It’s a mystery what Jim saw in that attic.  What do you think it was?


Six Sentence Story – Dress

I haiku, do you?

six-sentence-storiesIvy from Uncharted hosts this blog hop.

Six sentence story – dress.  I’m delighted that the six sentences can be any genre, any way, blah, blah, blah.  I’m sharing some haiku which are loosely sentences following the 5-7-5 pattern of the traditional Japanese poetry.

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Six Sentence Story – Dry

A new six sentence story.

“Almost there, Sadie,” he breathlessly said to the bundle in his arms.

Spike leaned  against a big oak, the bark cutting into his back, as he adjusted the body he was carrying inside a burlap blanket, easing the strain on his muscles, trying to balance his  burden.

It hadn’t rained in these parts for weeks and weeks, since the change of the seasons, and Spike crushed the dry leaves with the footfalls of his heavy boots as he ambled on through the woods.

His view through the bare trees enabled him to see far into the forest, to the specific spot he sought, between the three white birches; he could even make out the pile of dirt next to the hole he had dug last night.

He reached the hastily fashioned grave and dropped the body in with a gentle thud, using his hands to shovel and his boots to kick the soil, filling in the hole.

He fashioned a cross out of two birch limbs and paused for a moment, remembering Sadie, his best and loyal friend.


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Six Sentence Story – Cast

Six Sentence Story. You can do a lot with semicolons.

Hi, everyone!  I’m here to share a six sentence story using the cue cast.  Bear with me.  It has been awhile.  I’m looking forward to reconnecting with other bloggers in this link up hosted by Ivy at Uncharted as well as the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Josie.  I like to do a little brainstorming, stream of consciousness prepping before I actually write (I do sound like the procrastinator I am, don’t I?)

Cast your fate to the wind
A cast in your glance – darkness cast  Eyes that cast brain shadows
Broken arm cast
Cast of a play
Cast off your shackles, unnecessary clothing or possessions
Cast a look at the ____________
Cast your fortune
Cast your fishing line
To cast a mold
Cast on stitches to knitting needles

(lots of choices)



Monique had a thing for cleanliness, almost to the point of obsession.  She was on the make up crew for her high school production of Wicked.

Each night, she smoothed green greasepaint over Elphaba’s skin for the performance, transforming the talented high school chorus member into the Wicked Witch of the West.

Monique’s fingers and nails were stained with the stuff and no amount of washing could remove the traces of emerald-colored makeup embedded in her hands; this embarrassed her, so she hid her hands behind her back or under her thighs when she was sitting.

She supposed it would take weeks of scrubbing until the green faded to yellow and her normal skin tone became visible again.

Tonight was the cast party and she was planning on wearing some fashion gloves to cover what was unconscionable to her; she wondered how Elphaba felt about a green face.





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Six Sentence Story – Peach

Let’s have some fun rhyming.

I chose to share a six line poem for this week’s six sentence story.

Eating a peach

While sitting on the beach

Is a sensory extravaganza for me.

There’s juice that is sweet,

That drips down on my feet,

And leads me to rinse in the sea.


Yes, life imitates art; or is it art imitates life?  That always confuses me.  Who said it was art anyway?  Come join in the fun at the Six Sentence Story blog-hop sponsored each week by our friend Ivy at Uncharted.



Six Sentence Story – Lift

Image result for images of abandoned warehouses

This week’s six sentence story is using the cue lift.  I always like to brainstorm the many uses of the word.  Lift me up, give me a lift, too heavy to lift, need a lift of spirit, an elevator – Bingo!


Meeting her connection in the abandoned warehouse, with it’s crumbling brick exterior, paint peeling off of long forgotten signs, a giant E in a black and white arch, sent chills up Marika’s spine, yet her desire for the assignation was palpable.

She didn’t ask questions, but wondered why she’d been asked to meet her informant on the top deck.

The lift was broken, so she climbed the spiral staircase onto the suspended walkway that hung above the darkened factory floor,  the only source of light muted through the first floor windows, translucent with years of grime and dirt.

She’s been working on this story for months, trying to establish conformation of the rumors that had been circulating about their illustrious mayor’s associations with the criminal empire that controlled the construction industry in the city.

This would be the story that set Marika’s career, a Bingham award for investigative journalism perhaps; the importance of the expose would rock the political structure of the city.

Off to her left she heard an almost imperceptible sound, and peering through the heavy beams and columns that supported the pendulous passage, seeking the person who was the conduit to her future, her awareness was at once brought back to herself,  the thrust of cold metal in her back.

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