Ten Things of Thankful – Retrospect.

Musing thankful.


There’s always plenty of time to share a list of thankfuls.  The party, hosted by Josie, starts each week on Friday and continues through to Tuesday.  I usually try to share my post on Saturday, but this week has been quite busy so here I am on Monday morning looking at the week in retrospect.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Let’s Celebrate

Gratitude rocks!



The month of May appeared this week with glorious weather and many reasons to celebrate.  Finally dragging out the summer clothing and hanging up the winter coat for a good long time.  May begins my season in the sun.  It’s time to clean up the yard, lug out the patio furniture and get my herbs growing.  It’s time to celebrate two special family milestone birthdays and Mother’s Day.

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Ten Things of Thankful – What Week?


Well, it’s time to share gratitude at our favorite blog hop that Josie hosts each week.  It’s where like minded (and not so like minded) friends share ten things of thankful from the past week.  Sometimes it’s easy, when things are smooth and simple.  Other times it’s more difficult, especially when you are (I am) entrenched in family drama.  Time went fast and slow this week.

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Ten Things of Thankful-Never Too Busy

Never too busy to stop and contemplate gratitude.


Although the weekend is waning, I couldn’t let it pass without waxing gratitudinal.

Josie‘s off to the beach, my favorite happy place and all is right in my world.  Dad’s okay, the trees are flowering, and the earth is beautiful.

This weekend Clean Ocean Action hosted a Beach Sweeps event in nearby Asbury Park.  I joined in with Starbucks employees who are always involved in one community project or another to help make the world a better place, and picked up trash along the shore.   Not only did we get to enjoy camaraderie on the lovely day while cleaning up the beach, we got a bonus t-shirt and I got some great photos of the area.

Starbucks partners sharing and caring.

Convention Hall in Asbury Park is a beautiful building built in 1928-30.  I saw Chicago perform there back in the 1970’s.  I’m enamored with architectural details of the time.



Finding spring around the yard is uplifting.  Blooms on the peach, cherry, plum and pear trees add color and hope.

Emerson said it best


Come join in Ten Things of Thankful bloghop.

Ten Things of Thankful – Series of Unfortunate Events


Hey, there.  I know I haven’t been around the web this week.  I’m taking a big exhale and trying to catch up.  At least ten times this week I’ve acknowledged gratitude in my life.  It seems that during times of stress, unfortunate events and emotional difficulties, the best way to stay in the present and deal, is to count things of thankful.  It was all fun and games until

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