Ten Things of Thankful – A Flood

When you can find gratitude in difficult situations, you are more open to the positive things in life.



I have a flood of thankfuls to share.  On Monday it rained here, about 8″ in a few hours.  The pool overflowed, but when I checked the sump pit it was dry.  No need to set up the pump and turn it on.  Or so I thought, until the very next day when we found three to four inches of standing water in the basement.   I knew I would join in the reunion/thankful party to which Kristi, host of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, invited everyone, to find the sunshine in this situation.

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Ten Things of Thankful-Midsummer

Taking time out to be thankful.

Hi friends.  I’m checking in during the whirlwind of my summer and taking the time to share a few thankfuls with you.  The great thing about this wonderful blog hop of  new friends and long time friends, is that it is a comfortable place to jump in and participate.  And to tell the truth, I need some grounding and gratitude always grounds me to what is real and important in life.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Summertime

June 21st in the past week marked the summer solstice.  The first day of the summer season.  There is so much to be thankful for and I’m sharing a few of my most joyful items of gratitude.  Before I get on with it (better late than never), I want to welcome Kristi of Thankful Me as the new host of this uplifting and life-changing blog hop.  First begun by Lizzie, and continued by Josie, we are all thankful for it’s inception and its continuance.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Gratitude Abounds

I am thankful for texting.


Each week we gather to share gratitude at the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop, currently hosted by Josie.  I’m thankful every minute for the technology I hold in my hand – my iPhone.  Whether I’m snapping photos, talking to friends or family, or texting here and there (but not while driving), I am thankful.  Gratitude can be found everywhere, and I decided to share some text messages with you – ones that give and accept gratitude.

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Ten Things of Thankful -Jersey Shore Edition







Today, not the summer solstice,  marks the official beginning of summer at the Jersey Shore.  As a long time resident of the area I can tell you things will not be the same around here until after Labor Day.  The traffic is horrific and the prices soar sky high.  Lots of people with little care for the ocean environment and a large sense of entitlement descend upon our lovely shore towns – we call them Bennies.  Here for the benefits, without respect for the area.  In spite, or because of, summer is still my favorite season and my ten things of thankful this week are dedicated this time of the year.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Late Again

What Time is It?


Is Monday the new normal for Saturday?  Thankfully there is always plenty of time to link up with the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop and share gratitude with friends from all over the Blogosphere.   And we can thank (there’s number one) Josie for hosting and for leaving us plenty of time to share, late, early or right on time.

For your listening pleasure:


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Ten Things of Thankful – Retrospect.

Musing thankful.

There’s always plenty of time to share a list of thankfuls.  The party, hosted by Josie, starts each week on Friday and continues through to Tuesday.  I usually try to share my post on Saturday, but this week has been quite busy so here I am on Monday morning looking at the week in retrospect.

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