Ten Things of Thankful – Through Tears

Thankful, no matter what.


The shootings in Florida had a profound, sad effect on me, on all of us.   Horrific, devastating, heartsick, grief-stricken, despair.  All words to describe it, and many more to try and explain it.  Where have we, as a society, failed?

My hope, in this very sad situation,  came from the young students who will not let this incident define them.  They want social and political change and I have faith they will help us change the tide of how we deal with violence and mental illness.

Through the tragedy, that one hope inspires us to look for the positive, and share gratitude and compassion with others in our lives.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Better

Gratitude is good for your health.


Happy Birthday this week to Josie, our host of this very special Ten Things of Thankful bloghop.

Well, good morning friends.  It’s deluging outside on this morning – a blizzard in rain.  I’m thankful that it is rain, and not snow.  The temperatures are in the 50’s; yesterday I saw 60 degrees.  A rare treat in the middle of winter around here.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Again, Still

Time to get your thankful on.

I’m happy to be back for a second week in a row to share my things of thankful with this group.  Thanks to Josie for hosting this blog hop that is a constant even when we choose not to participate.


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Ten Things of Thankful – Remember Me?

Good morning. Be thankful

Ok, I know it has been awhile.  A long while.  Not that I am not thankful – I am every day in so many ways.  I guess I haven’t been feeling like sharing.  That Nike tagline “Just Do It” is speaking to me so . . . .

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Ten Things of Thankful En Photo

Join me for a quick ten.

I’m quickly posting my Ten Things of Thankful in photos this morning after a fun and busy weekend.

Apparently I cannot upload pictures to my other blog, so its days are numbered.  I am thankful this second (free) blog is available to share thoughts and musings.  Thanks to Josie for hosting the quintessential blog hop.

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Ten Things of Thankful Happy Birthday

She’s here!

My ten things of thankful are all wrapped up in one beautiful, blessed event – the birth of our first grand baby –  Aubree Sue, born yesterday on a very special day – the 100th birthday of her great grandmother, Jenny Valenti Santoro, who is still with us.  A beautiful cause for celebration and the process of life.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Beach Edition

My big thankful of the week is my happy place in North Carolina.  I’ve wanted an ALONE getaway for almost a year.  Just a few days to rejuvenate, leave my stresses behind.   Just long enough to miss my home and family.


Several surfers in wet suits were enjoying the waves, while I enjoyed the sunshine.

I’m thankful for time alone, toes in the sand, sunshine on my shoulders (covered with SPF#30) and stress lost in the breezes.

I’m thankful that I can hop on my bike and ride safely for a good long while.  Taking in the smells of the sea,  sweet honeysuckle vines and neighborhood barbecues.

I am thankful that I am but a phone call or text away from my family and friends.   Josie, host of this very blog-hop, and I spent awhile texting, and our friendship, although virtual, continues to grow and deepen though sharing.

I’m thankful I finished my remaining posts over at My Virtual Vineyard for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  I am thankful for all the people who visited and left comments.   It was fun taking photos of the world around me, inspired by each letter of the alphabet.  Here’s a sneak peak at one of my Z photos.

I’m also thankful, in advance, for safe travels, light traffic and good time.


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