Six Sentence Story – Wake

Time for a story in six.




The transition from our friend Zoe as host of this blog hop to our friend Denise, has been smooth.  The rules are the same:  one story, any genre, six sentences only.  (Thank goodness for punctuation).   Each week we gather to share a story based on a cue given each Sunday evening by our host.  Sometimes, (rarely) I have a story neatly written in advance, just ready to publish,  sometimes I wing it the morning of.  This week I jotted some notes early in the week, and wrote the sentences today.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Series of Unfortunate Events


Hey, there.  I know I haven’t been around the web this week.  I’m taking a big exhale and trying to catch up.  At least ten times this week I’ve acknowledged gratitude in my life.  It seems that during times of stress, unfortunate events and emotional difficulties, the best way to stay in the present and deal, is to count things of thankful.  It was all fun and games until

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Six Sentence Story – Vent

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Jake and Tonya unlocked the door to the cabin in the woods, shedding the stress of the city and their high-profile jobs along with their outerwear.

They both noticed the kindling and wood on the hearth of the large stone fireplace, and Tonya said, “Do you know how to build a fire?”

“Sure,” said Jake, “I was a boy scout way back and built many on the camping trips we took;  you go rustle up some wine and cheese and I’ll get this thing going.”

He began to build a bed for the flames, kindling first with some rolled up newspaper under the grate, then dried pine logs, and finally hardwood to keep the fire roaring all night long.

He struck a match and lit the paper on the bottom of the pile and the room instantly filled with smoke, causing him to cough, his eyes to sting and the smoke detector to scream.

Tonya came out of the kitchen waving a towel and shouting “The damper, did you open the damper so the fire would vent up the chimney?”


It’s a party.  Come visit Girlie On The Edge, the new host of this fun blog hop.  Do you have six – a hexagon of sentences or poem lines or words?

A-Z Blogging Challenge, Theme Reveal

My world through the lens of my iPhone camera.


For the last few years I’ve participated in the A-Z blogging challenge each April, sharing a post a day.  The first year it was recipes, the next, Six Sentence Stories and last year it was photos.

I enjoyed last year’s theme immensely;  I learned to keep my eyes open and my camera ready for anything.   I will again be sharing photos of the world around me taken with my iPhone camera,  corresponding to the letters of the alphabet for the month of April, beginning April 1, 2018, on this new  blog.

Each day I will share a photo with a few words describing  the who, what, where of the content.   A fast, easy read; hope you’ll stop  by and visit.

Ten Things of Thankful – Duh

Thankful when things are tough.


Last week it was very easy to find ten things of thankful.  There were fun, and celebratory events to dish over.  This week . . . .  (big exhale). . . . . not so much.  Oh, it started out fine, looking forward to getting back into exercise and healthy eating, awaiting the 10 month photo shoot of my sweet granddaughter, but then

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