Listicle – 10 Things – Guilty Pleasures

Ten things that are better than anything –  except being in love.


When I thought about the things in my life that are better than anything, I thought of things like my granddaughter sleeping curled up in a bundle on my shoulder, the good feeling of giving to the important people in your life, doing good deed or works for strangers, or the feeling of security with your spouse of 33 years.    All these equate to great love which is better than anything.

So here is my list of things that are better than anything except being in love.  My guilty pleasures.  The preference order changes daily, hourly.

  1. Coffee – dark roast, early morning joy.

2.  Chocolate – Ghiradelli, please.

3.  Wine – red with (see above).

4.  Just the perfect shoes for the outfit.



5.  A great book that wrenches your emotions and gets inside your mind.  I most recently read A Gentleman In Moscow by Armor Towles.  A book to savor.

6.  Uncontrollable laughing, when you and your sister (Lucy and Ethel) embark on an adventure or a project that usually ends up in raucous, breathless, laughter.

7.  Binge watching an historical series – Downton Abbey, Last Tango in Halifax, Call the Midwife – I do like my English drama.

8.  Seeing a number I like on the scale somehow lifts my spirits and for the day.

9 and 10.  A day at the beach.

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