Listicle – 10 Things – Guilty Pleasures

Ten things that are better than anything –  except being in love.


When I thought about the things in my life that are better than anything, I thought of things like my granddaughter sleeping curled up in a bundle on my shoulder, the good feeling of giving to the important people in your life, doing good deed or works for strangers, or the feeling of security with your spouse of 33 years.    All these equate to great love which is better than anything.

So here is my list of things that are better than anything except being in love.  My guilty pleasures.  The preference order changes daily, hourly.

  1. Coffee – dark roast, early morning joy.

2.  Chocolate – Ghiradelli, please.

3.  Wine – red with (see above).

4.  Just the perfect shoes for the outfit.



5.  A great book that wrenches your emotions and gets inside your mind.  I most recently read A Gentleman In Moscow by Armor Towles.  A book to savor.

6.  Uncontrollable laughing, when you and your sister (Lucy and Ethel) embark on an adventure or a project that usually ends up in raucous, breathless, laughter.

7.  Binge watching an historical series – Downton Abbey, Last Tango in Halifax, Call the Midwife – I do like my English drama.

8.  Seeing a number I like on the scale somehow lifts my spirits and for the day.

9 and 10.  A day at the beach.

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Dangling Conversation

I haven’t posted anything all summer. This is the most recent draft I worked on during the month of July.  I began a few six sentence stories, but never finished anything.  I’m posting this as a transition piece to get back into the blogging/writing community. Hope you’ll stop by and say hi.


I haven’t been engaged much in the blogging world lately. [Even back in July I had slowed down]  Paul shared the cue (STAND) from Ivy at Uncharted with me via Words With Friends so I thought maybe I’d give it a go from my current location.

Yes, I’m beaching it and this is the tenth annual girls’ trip week. (Made famous way before the movie of the same name coming out Friday).  – [A box office flop, I think, in retrospect].

The weather’s been a little snarky – yesterday was a shopping day.   And today, well, we are eternally optimistic that the sun will shine. For right now we are huddled under towels and the umbrella utilizing our techie devices – phones, kindles and tablets. That’s the cool thing about us nerdy girls. It doesn’t take much to make us happy. Just some sand, sea, a good book and our connections to the other world.

And did I mention wine, drinks, and snacks?

And yes, I digress. In fact I digressed for a whole day. This is what the day is like today.



Nothing is swimming (pun intended) around in my mind that matches the venue.

And that’s it – nothing more.

Indulge me with this dangling conversation and I’ll