Ten Things of Thankful Packed Into A Few Days

When midweek feels like the weekend.


I alluded to a Words With Friends comment that turned into a girls vaca last week in my Ten Things of Thankful post.    Here’s how it went down:

I casually messaged a friend during the game that I was taking a solo few days at the beach,  was there any way she could make it?  She lives in Michigan and I rarely see her, but she does travel quite a bit and has some ties in NC, so I thought maybe. . . . .    To make a long story short, she booked a flight to NJ.  I was to pick her up on Sunday and we would drive down to the Outer Banks together on Monday.  And then.. . . .

because this wasn’t enough excitement, I also asked a local friend of both of us, who was also available;  Susie, Stephanie and Val on a long weekend in the middle of the week.  There is a history of friendship between us – we all graduated from HS together.  It was a great week full of love, laughter and fun.  We refer to ourselves as long time friends, not old friends because . . .  old.


  1.  Safe travels and shared driving for the eight hour trip which seemed to fly by.
  2.  Fried chicken at Royal Farms.
  3.   Reminiscing.
  4.  Friendship in real time today – we have all evolved, yet still relate in deep and meaningful ways.
  5.  Rum tasting event at the Outer Banks distillery.
  6.  Shopping for fun.
  7.  Cooking light and easy meals for my friends (to counteract the fried chicken)
  8.  Having a curtain valance sewed for me (my original intention for going) by my friend who was a professional sail-maker by trade.
  9. Rest and inspiriation.
  10. The promise to do it again next year.

It’s always a joy to share thankfuls each week at the Ten Things of Thankful Bloghop.  Click on the blue frog to share your post, or read others’ posts.

An added thankful to Josie2Shoes for hosting

Author: valj2750

Woman who wears many hats - wife, mother, teacher, bookkeeper, writer, caregiver, cook, seamstress, photographer and beach bum.

11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful Packed Into A Few Days”

    1. These women are some of the best of the bestest. No matter how long we are apart, we can always connect; we have lots in common where it counts – deep, down inside.


    1. I hope things all work out each year to make that possible. This was spur of the moment and sometimes those situations work out the best. I’m looking forward to it.


  1. I love the getaway aspects of this house. A place to rejuvenate and leave most of reality behind for just awhile. I always leave there wanting more.


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