Six Sentence Story – Fling

A six sentence story.


This cue for this week’s six sentence story is fling.  Very apt, as the blog hop itself promotes having a fling with writing.  Use it as a noun, use it as a verb, any genre,  but above all, enjoy the process.

Al’s first reaction was to fling the phone across the room, as if the text had never come through.  Once seeing it, of course, he could not un-see it.

His anger rose quickly but was replaced by sadness and resignation; he’d received the same text more than once recently.

“Working late, won’t be home, don’t wait.”

Was Ted really working late, or was it his own imagination that was working overtime?

Al put on his mask of complacency and responded,

“Ok, don’t work too hard, love you.”


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Author: valj2750

Woman who wears many hats - wife, mother, teacher, bookkeeper, writer, caregiver, cook, seamstress, photographer and beach bum.

7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story – Fling”

  1. funny you should say that, “…texting has negatively affected communication I totally agree, devoid of almost all requirements for (other forms of) rhetoric, it is cold and heartless…a language in which it’s poetry is a set of single line drawings imitating a human face… (should I stop? lol) but what I meant to say, I’ve remarked to myself how it is that texts are much easier to hit ‘send’ than email….not sure why

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