Ten Things of Thankful – Better

Gratitude is good for your health.



Happy Birthday this week to Josie, our host of this very special Ten Things of Thankful bloghop.

Well, good morning friends.  It’s deluging outside on this morning – a blizzard in rain.  I’m thankful that it is rain, and not snow.  The temperatures are in the 50’s; yesterday I saw 60 degrees.  A rare treat in the middle of winter around here.

The Superbowl. It’s a surprise for me to be listing this.  I usually watch the game each year, at least the half-time show (which was spectacular), with no particular interest in who wins.  This year I was impressed with the excellent sportsmanship of both teams.  No extra aggressive pushing and shoving, no egos asserting themselves – two teams playing an exciting game in the spirit in which is was meant.  I’m thankful a little piece of my cynicism was ripped away.

A mini road trip with my sister was fun, spur of the moment and the prize at the end was a visit with my niece and her soon to be six-month-old, Juliette Anastasia.  I’m sure you remember this was quite a prolific year for my family with six new babies.

Watching my sweet niece grow into an accomplished woman as well as a loving and attentive mother, is a blessing.

I had the stomach flu this week and although I still don’t feel 100 %, I’m thankful.  Here’s the thing about being thankful for the stomach flu – it’s not the other kind, it moves through your system relatively quickly, and on the second day, I had a glimpse of a number I hadn’t seen in awhile on the scale.  Temporary, I know, but a girl can dream.

A walk around the reservoir with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile- enjoying the warmer temps before the rain started.

My favorite place to walk.

Long talks on the phone with my daughter.

A good laugh with my husband.

I’m thankful I managed, so far, to keep up with all the posts in all of the blog hops I participated in this week.

It’s going to stop raining this afternoon.

Always and forever, my granddaughter, Aubree Sue

And remember, we all have a choice ——

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Author: valj2750

Woman who wears many hats - wife, mother, teacher, bookkeeper, writer, caregiver, cook, seamstress, photographer and beach bum.

14 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Better”

  1. Rainy weekend here as well. Good for you for taking a walk before the deluge. Pretty nice looking place to walk – I’m all for walking near any large body of water (except down south unless it’s the ocean lol) 😀
    I hope by the time you read this you are feeling closer to 100% than not. I feel very lucky not to have gotten
    sick this year.
    Isn’t that something! 6 babies in one year! So much happiness for the family to share in 🙂


    1. Babies are always a joy. I can even forget winter and darkness for a moment when I think of those sweet little ones. Side note: since I checked out your link for the damask fabric last week I’ve been seeing lovely gowns from Neiman Marcus in my sidebar. Makes me want to go dancing.


  2. I’m sorry you had the flu, but I’m glad you are feeling better! As for the scale, if you see the number, even if it goes up again, that lower number is within reach.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Six new babies?! What joy! Have they all been together yet? Your niece is adorable by the way. The baby too, of course, but her mama looks like a sweetheart.
    Feel better ! I hear that stomach bug is wicked. Hope you are 100% by now.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My niece is very special to me. Four of the babies have gotten together; two live far away and there is little contact. At Christmas this year, there were four generations of family at my house – 35 adults and 7 children. It was a joy!


  5. So glad that you are feeling better.
    Getting to go on a road trip with your sister sounds like a fun thing to do too. Your niece with her baby looks so cute.
    True sportsmanship in a game is truly refreshing!


  6. Beautiful list, Val! Sorry you had the stomach bug, but yes, it’s better than influenza, although I think if it lasted longer than the usual 24 hours, it would kill you – that bug is ROUGH. The number on the scale is the only silver lining!


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