Ten Things of Thankful – Winter

It’s thankful time.



Good morning.  I thought I’d share ten things for which I am thankful in winter.  What? you say.  This girl hates, despises, abhors winter.  Yes, it is true.  Winter is my least favorite season.  I could go on and on about the cold and the wind and the dark, but instead, in the spirit of the TToT blog hop which is hosted each week by Josie2Shoes, I decided to share some positives, some simple items of winter gratitude.


The picture speaks for itself.  The beauty of newly fallen snow gives the world a peaceful, quiet look which calms the soul.

Then there are warm things in winter.  Like seat heaters and a heated steering wheel which makes getting into a freezing cold car much more appealing, if you have to leave the house at all. (Which is nice and warm, thank you new furnace).

Then there’s a long warm coat with a fuzzy hood that keeps the wind from chilling my bones.  I like that quite a bit and I’m very thankful I got it on a great bargain (75% off) a few years ago.

Oh, yeah, comfort food. Warm soup and bread are my favorite get cozy foods.

That said, I’m thankful for 5 % spandex and leggings which accommodate those few extra “bulk up for winter” pounds.

I’m thankful for Tim in every season.  NB. – He’s an expert at snow removal.

The fireplace he built when we constructed our house many years ago is a winter delight.  Spending cold nights in front of a warm fire is just lovely.  We move the chairs in front, warm our toes and get lost in the primeval pleasure of glowing embers.


Now I’m tapping my fingers and stretching my mind a little.  Winter, what’s good about it?

I’m binge watching Call the Midwife on Netflix.

And, um,. . . .um,  Wait – there’s some rule for that;  3.1 or something, right Clark?

And of course, spring, and then summer, will be here and the joy of that warmth and lightness will abound.

There is always something for which to be thankful.


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Author: valj2750

Woman who wears many hats - wife, mother, teacher, bookkeeper, writer, caregiver, cook, seamstress, photographer and beach bum.

22 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Winter”

  1. Ahh! The best rule in the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) which, in fact, allows a level of personal sharing unlike anything, anywhere in the ‘sphere. (The Rule) states “…the [e]xplicit pleasure, coincident with the recognition, anticipation (op.cit R. Worthington, ‘Finally! The List is Complete’ ( Doctrine Press, 2019), p.22.) of the completion of the List as an item on (said) list. The British numbering* holds this Rule as SR 3.1, while in the US (and every where the sun does set) it is considered to be SR 1.3

    * probably something to do with the metric system. That said, our Miz Lewis has yet to sufficiently explain the blatant disregard for impersonal pronouns. Perhaps no-one over went to University on the day they were to teach proper English

    (What?! Is this thing on?)

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  2. That is a beautiful fireplace!
    Winter here has been strange, and not at all like I remember it from when I was a student at BYU. I imagine future winters will be more snowy–and I think the ski resorts are really hoping that it true!


  3. Oh, I like this! What a beautiful fireplace, an of course having a fire going makes it especially lovely.
    Call the Midwife is a great thing to binge watch.
    Having a long, warm coat with a fuzzy hood would be good to have on those bitter cold and windy days. What a deal too. . .75% off. Now that is some kind of a sale.
    I agree about how snow gives “the world a peaceful, quiet look that calms the soul.” We all need that.

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  4. What a delight to see you pop in first on the link up this week, and then to take something you don’t love so much and find ways to be thankful for it still! That’s putting the concept of gratitude to excellent use and I was smiling all the way through your post!

    Fresh snow is beautiful, and peaceful, and quiet. I love that and I miss it here, although I do not miss the cold. But you have shared so many blessings that make the cold more bearable… car heating, a new furnace, warm clothing, comfort foods, a husband who moves that snow out of the way, and especially that cozy fireplace. I love how you noted how long people have been finding warmth and comfort in front of those! Sometimes things carried over from the past are still the nicest!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us this week at TToT! ❤

    Josie Two Shoes ~ Sparks

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  5. Winter is my favorite! Unless it happens to be fall or spring. When in the midst of either of those I think they are my favorite too! Well, what I know for sure is it beats summer by a mile in my book. I love all the things you list here. They all make me feel safe and secure. I made homemade broccoli cheese soup tonight and gazed out the window at the waning light bouncing off the snow while it simmered. Sigh…yup. Winter is my favorite!

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  6. I abhor winter! I do like to see a pretty snowfall, but after a few hours of it, I want it GONE. We are more likely to get ice here than snow, and there’s NOTHING pretty about that. My daughter ended up with the car with the seat warmers – I miss those seat warmers! My heated mattress pad has hit my TToT on more than one occasion – I would perish without it! Comfort food and spandex are the BEST, any time of year!

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    1. Thanks for visiting. Snow is lovely. As a kid, I couldn’t wait to get out there and play in the snow. I loved it. I can still appreciate its beauty briefly.


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